30.11. - 1.12.2020. / Rovinj

CURRENT TOPICS AND SPECIALIZED CONFERENCES: From timber trade and furniture production to energy from wood

Various conferences will gather target groups of participants on specific topics of hotel equipping, the possibilities for greater use of wood in construction, through wood trading to discussing the quality and certification. Dubrovnik offers a unique opportunity for networking accommodation providers, from luxury hotel chains to private accommodations with hotel equipment manufacturers. Wood as sustainable and environmentally-friendly material is insufficiently represented in construction in the region, and through its projects and legislative frameworks can promote its greater use, which will also be one of AWD’s issues. At the center of the European debate, there is currently an amendment to the OIE Directive and the introduction of biomass criteria, while the main European associations are equally involved in the creation of European policies. This field could greatly affect the application of the cascading model and will, besides the companies, attend the conference and relevant European associations and present possible implications for the sector. Also, a review of already implemented investments and an analysis of their profitability will be given.