30.11. - 1.12.2020. / Rovinj

Fast­growing Tree Species Cause Great Interest, but There is a Lack of Planting in Larger Areas

One of the world’s most exploited topics of energy from wood production refers to the use of raw materials from plantations and the use of fast­growing species for the production of wood chips. On AWD were presented two examples: the planting of fast­growing paulownia and miscanthus giganteus. Simeon Apostolov from Bulgaria presented a series of arguments for planting Chinese paulownia, which is a hybrid variant adapted to the European climate. Nikola Bilandzija, PhD, from the Faculty of Agriculture presented the examples of research which were conducted at the experimental orchards, Miscanthus giganteus in Croatia. During the debate, the need for further research and providing financial incentives for the planting of fast­growing species that can provide by 5­8 years a large quantities of biomass and reduce the pressure on the raw material that is characteristic to the joint European biomass market.