30.11. - 1.12.2020. / Rovinj

CEI-Bois Planns to Expand the Network of Members in Southeast Europe

The five-day sector event in Dubrovnik gathered the sector representatives from Southeast Europe and important participants from Brussels. The European Confederation of Woodworking Industry, CEI-Bois, was represented by the Secretary General Patrizio Antonicoli, who addressed to the participants with a very optimistic messages aimed at joint action in the EU. We are expanding our network of members in Europe and after what I heard in Dubrovnik from the leading representatives of the Croatian Wood Cluster, led by the President Darko Prodan, I can confirm that there is a good perspective for Croatia to become a member soon. The level of discussion and professional argumentation of problems confirms that Croatia has a good working structure that can be successfully integrated into the activities of the CEI-Bois. I spoke with the representatives of other sectoral associations from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, and can point out that in South-East Europe there is a lot of potential for improving the situation in the sector, which is an important contribution. Without a doubt, we will continue with our activities in this part of Europe, said Antonicoli.