30.11. - 1.12.2020. / Rovinj


The Croatian Wood Cluster draws up the preparation for the most important international conference this year, where all the key players from SEE countries in this sector will be gathered. After the successful edition of the 14th Wood Technology Conference in Opatija and 8th Congress of the Sawmill Industry, the most current topics on the forest-based sector will be presented on AWD. With over 60 lecturers coming from Brussels, Western countries and Mediterranean areas, ADRIATIC WOOD DAYS consists of four thematic, but program-separated international conferences in the field of forestry, wood processing, wood energy, timber construction, furniture manufacturing and related creative industries. The emphasis of this year’s AWD will be on R & D and application for EU funds in the field of bio-based and forest-based industries, as well as on issues of education and staff building. There is a great deal of interest in professional thematic workshops, and the registered participants are particularly interested in the PROJECT IDEA EXCHANGE that will provide an opportunity to strengthen awareness of EU projects, or to make contact with foreign experts looking for or offering participation in project consortia for EU projects. The Cluster in Dubrovnik secured the presence of a number of partners, such as the InnoRenewCoE research institute from Slovenia, which has collected more than 45 mil EUR from EU funds so far. The Investment and Competitiveness Agency is also a partner that supports the theme of investing and equipping hotel capacities. The Dubrovnik Assembly is a good opportunity for many companies, as well as sectoral institutions and associations for active involvement in EU projects.