2-3 December, 2019 - Dubrovnik (Srebreno, Hotel Sheraton)

Adriatic Wood Days 2018: Croatia has Knowledge and Quality Raw Material for World Competitive Wood Products

Croatian forestry and wood processing industry grows and achieves excellent export results year after year, but for the sake of greater use of a single quality raw material such as Slavonian oak, it is necessary to additionally brand the entire industry as well as the final products themselves into a unique, recognizable export product, but more active role of the government is expected.

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Croatia celebrated Bioenergy day with numerous activities on 25th October!

Considering the promotion and better understanding of renewable energy sources and the role of bioenergy, European lobbying association Bioenergy Europe started a promotional campaign last year in 20 European countries, with a goal of establishing a tradition of celebrating the European Bioenergy Day. As a full member of Bioenergy Europe, Croatian Biomass Association CROBIOM joined the campaign, along with many national and international partners across Europe, marking the Croatian Bioenergy Day on 25th October.

On this occasion on 25th October Croatian media promoted the use of RES and their benefits for human and the environment. Also, Croatian Forests Ltd organized a demonstration in Radinje to show technologies for shredding energy wood. On this opportunity Croatian Forests announced a series of new investments in forestry equipment and technology to mobilize additional quantities of wood , which would reduce dependence on fossil fuel imports and achieve significant financial savings of budget resources.

At the end of the day, in Zagreb was held a roundtable on biogas and biomass status in energy strategies of the Republic of Croatia as the central activity of the Croatian Bioenergy Day with the aim of raising awareness of the position of bioenergy in the national energy strategy and raising awareness of the need for greater institutional and social support.

ADRIATIC WOOD DAYS 2018 – Applications are Open!

The 4th edition of the Adriatic Wood Days (www.adriatic-wd.com) will be held in Dubrovnik at the beginning of December (3-4.12.2018).

During two days, this central sectoral FBI event in the Mediterranean will host a numerous sectoral experts, important policy makers and other relevant stakeholders from business, academia, media, etc., which will, on the joint platforom of 4 conferences and 3 workshops, discuss topics related to:

· Hotel interiors furnishing and product design · Greater use of wood in construction · Managing forests on islands · Timber trade and wood products marketing · Future of biomass and RES: Position of pellets and cogeneration in RED II directive · Organizing the sector through clusters and associations · Importance of quality and certification.

In addition to these topics, an important part of the programme will be related to EU projects and funding – an EU project idea market, a stock-exchange-like platform that opens a space for participants (companies, R&D institutions, associations, consultants…) to express their ideas and collaborate with each other on projects. Representatives of regional clusters, sectoral associations, institutions and companies from the Croatia and SEE region, have started the initiatives for project ideas with aim to improve wood-processing sector and forestry and especially to promote wood as an environmentally and renewable material. One of the partners in this workshop will be North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency, which will present RenewHeat developed and financed by Interreg IPA CBC. Other numerous projects and valuable experiences in developing project activities, will be also presented at AWD.

Don’t miss the opportunity to inform and get informed! Come to Dubrovnik and find out how:

AWD presents market developments and show the trends in the related subsectors to the sector companies, their owners and managers;
AWD ensures interaction with relevant national and the EU officers responsible for the preparation of future policies and strategies, with stakeholders, sector associations, clusters and NGOs, to exchange useful ideas and professional opinions;
AWD gives an insight into the existing technological equipment of the sector and provides an opportunity for technologies and services suppliers to present innovative solutions that will increase the sector competitiveness;

AWD in Dubrovnik is a great opportunity for meeting and networking with many important stakeholders!

You have an interesting lecture you would like to present? Or project idea and would like to find the consortium partners? 

More information and application: rsimunovic@drvniklaster.hr or +385 98 9282610 (Ms. Rosana Šimunović)


The Croatian Wood Cluster draws up the preparation for the most important international conference this year, where all the key players from SEE countries in this sector will be gathered. After the successful edition of the 14th Wood Technology Conference in Opatija and 8th Congress of the Sawmill Industry, the most current topics on the forest-based sector will be presented on AWD. With over 60 lecturers coming from Brussels, Western countries and Mediterranean areas, ADRIATIC WOOD DAYS consists of four thematic, but program-separated international conferences in the field of forestry, wood processing, wood energy, timber construction, furniture manufacturing and related creative industries. The emphasis of this year’s AWD will be on R & D and application for EU funds in the field of bio-based and forest-based industries, as well as on issues of education and staff building. There is a great deal of interest in professional thematic workshops, and the registered participants are particularly interested in the PROJECT IDEA EXCHANGE that will provide an opportunity to strengthen awareness of EU projects, or to make contact with foreign experts looking for or offering participation in project consortia for EU projects. The Cluster in Dubrovnik secured the presence of a number of partners, such as the InnoRenewCoE research institute from Slovenia, which has collected more than 45 mil EUR from EU funds so far. The Investment and Competitiveness Agency is also a partner that supports the theme of investing and equipping hotel capacities. The Dubrovnik Assembly is a good opportunity for many companies, as well as sectoral institutions and associations for active involvement in EU projects. 

STUDY VISITING MLJET: Representative Picula on the management of forests on the islands

Adriatic Wood Days will gather important institutional representatives from Croatia, neighboring countries and the EU. The arrival was confirmed by Tonino Picula, a Croatian MP in the European Parliament, and the Vice-President of the European Parliamentary Group for the Islands. Through his work, Picula launches a number of initiatives and projects, with the aim of getting the islands into the focus of European institutions. One of the topics to be dealt with on the first day of the AWD (Monday) will be related to the management of forests on the islands. The delegate will actively participate in the conference program and will talk about innovative solutions and the use of stimulating European funds as one of the sources of funding for afforestation on the islands, puncturing new fire-fighting roads etc. On Sunday (December 3rd), an afternoon study visit will be held to the island of Mljet , as an example of a wooded island with a tradition of forest management.

ADRIATIC WOOD DAYS: Dubrovnik Becomes the Center of European Wood Industry and Forestry!

The most comprehensive international sector event in the Mediterranean will be held for the fourth time in Dubrovnik, on December 3th and 4th 2018. Four professional conferences, sector discussions, workshops and B2B meetings will surpass the last year’s edition, bringing together numerous participants from the forestry, woodworking and furniture manufacturing, energy from wood, biomass, hotel industry and related creative industries. Many participants from different countries are expected in Dubrovnik. This includes potential investors, relevant domestic and foreign politicians, owners of large-scale woodworking companies, sector media, academic community and technology producers. AWD originally promotes greater use of wood in the Mediterranean, but at the same time represents an exceptional opportunity for sectoral networking and expansion of business partners network. All interested parties can present examples of good practice and participation in the program. For all participants, the best rates for accommodation in the Sheraton Hotel are provided

CURRENT TOPICS AND SPECIALIZED CONFERENCES: From timber trade and furniture production to energy from wood

Various conferences will gather target groups of participants on specific topics of hotel equipping, the possibilities for greater use of wood in construction, through wood trading to discussing the quality and certification. Dubrovnik offers a unique opportunity for networking accommodation providers, from luxury hotel chains to private accommodations with hotel equipment manufacturers. Wood as sustainable and environmentally-friendly material is insufficiently represented in construction in the region, and through its projects and legislative frameworks can promote its greater use, which will also be one of AWD’s issues. At the center of the European debate, there is currently an amendment to the OIE Directive and the introduction of biomass criteria, while the main European associations are equally involved in the creation of European policies. This field could greatly affect the application of the cascading model and will, besides the companies, attend the conference and relevant European associations and present possible implications for the sector. Also, a review of already implemented investments and an analysis of their profitability will be given.

EU PROJECT PROTECTION: Exchanging Project Ideas. Slovenes looking for partners

The emphasis of this year’s AWD will be on R & D and application for EU funds in the field of bio-based and forest-based industries. The expert workshops in the form of PROJECT BURDEN will give participants the opportunity to gain insight into EU projects or to make contact with foreign experts seeking or participating in project consortia. The Partner Workshop is a research institute of InnoRenew CoE from Slovenia, whose representatives will present concrete activities related to applying to EU funds, which have so far been very successful, as they collected 45 mil EUR of development funds that finance a large number of project activities. The Dubrovnik Assembly is a good opportunity for many companies, as well as sectoral institutions and associations for active involvement in EU projects. The number of participants is limited.

GOOD PRACTICES FROM PORTUGAL: Suggestions for Improving Social Dialogue and Education in the Sector

One of the partners of this year’s AWD is the Portuguese Association of Wood Industry and Furniture (AIMMP), which at the end of the year celebrates 60 years of activity and has more than 7,500 members. At AWD their representatives will introduce participants to the current situation and trends in the Portuguese wood industry. AIMMP President Vitor Poças is currently working as chairman of the Working Group on Social Affairs within the European Confederation of Wood Industry (CEI-Bois), where Croatia’s interests are represented by the Croatian Wood Cluster as a full member of this lobbying association. AWD will report on the adoption of concrete action plans, currently being discussed in Brussels: from employee training; the attractiveness of the sector; joint promotions; cooperation between educational institutions and the economy; the harmonization of the profile of sector workers etc. The next meeting of the working group will be held at the beginning of next year where AWD conclusions will be presented on this topic and a proactive discussion is expected.

Dubrovnik becomes the center of European wood industry and forestry!

Join us in Dubrovnik at Adriatic Wood Days 2019 and participate at several international conferences in the field of forestry, wood processing, energy from wood, furniture production and creative industries!