30.11. - 1.12.2020. / Rovinj



Adriatic Wood Days is one of the leading international conferences on forest-based industries and accompanying EU policies, which each year brings together about 200 participants from across Europe.

During two days, this central sectoral conference in the Mediterranean will host a numerous sectoral experts, important policy makers and other relevant stakeholders from business, academia, media, etc, which will discuss topics related to:

  • hotel interiors furnishing and product design · greater use of wood in construction · managing forests on islands · timber trade and wood products marketing · positions of biomass and bioenergy · importance of quality and certification

AWD presets market developments and show the trends in the related subsectors to the sector companies, their owners and managers.

AWD ensures interaction with relevant national and the EU officers responsible for the preparation of future policies and strategies, with stakeholders, sector associations, clusters and NGOs, to exchange useful ideas and professional opinions.

AWD gives an insight into the existing technological equipment of the sector and provides an opportunity for technologies and services suppliers to present innovative solutions that will increase the sector competitiveness.

Participate at this prestigious gathering of wood processing and forestry sectors in Southeast Europe and the Mediterranean, and seize the opportunity to obtain the most current information at the European and regional level concerning the state of the sector and future development directions, and to network with the targeted partners!